Sunday, September 30, 2007

Dear Supporters,

You could give WildlifeDirect up to 26% or more of each everyday purchase you make at no extra cost to you.
That’s exactly what happens when you join the online community called

It does not cost a cent to join and once you are a member, every time you shop the Mall at we can get a percentage of each purchase you make.
Free money for WildlifeDirect, your choice of over 600 known online merchants, your privacy guaranteed, plus money-saving deals and specials every day.

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Thank you!

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JT said...

I love iGive for the way they allow people to support their favorite charity. But my all-time favorite program is iBakeSale. It has all the shops and deals of the other two but allows members to donate part of their savings to multiple causes, ranging from charities to community organizations. It offers a lot of flexibility with the rewards and has a pretty nice interface too.