Monday, October 22, 2007

The Calm before the Storm? Mufabure ~ Killed without Reason

Although the situation around the park has calmed somewhat, one has to wonder whether L. Nkunda is just waiting to gather forces as he has done in the past. The rebels are now very near Rumangabo, the main ranger station and may take it soon. Many of the rangers have evacuated and some are still trying to move valuable equipment so it it will not be looted or destroyed as has happened at the other stations. Meanwhile, the London Zoological Society and WildlifeDirect are paying the rangers' salaries and providing them and their families with rations. They all need our support. No one knows how the gorillas are fairing at this point. It is too dangerous for the rangers to check.
In other news, two of Mufabure's murders go on trial this week. They are being held in Goma.

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